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Northwest District Meeting: September 2016


  • Registration is down in all leagues including competitive, rec and adults. This is affecting district budget.
  • Fines: leagues not attending district meeting are fined—they are not paying these fines.
  • Game reports missing from some teams also which need to be done.
  • District questioned attendees what to do with numerous unpaid fines from teams---do they take it out of capital funds reimbursement for each club ($1000 allowed per year), do they fine them directly…they tabled this until next meeting.
  • Referee Report: make sure refs/coaches anchor goals; if thunder heard must delay game 30 minutes; offsides rule brought up by league member and discussed.
  • Coaches training: Contact Mario at CJSA for coach’s training sessions, “G” license, need venue like a gym and need a classroom setting; 4 hours of training.
  • Or can get “F” license online for $25 for a 1 hour training session.
  • No October meeting.
  • November meeting is Holiday Meeting for presidents and guests-register by veteran’s day.


Northwest District Meeting: January 2017


Small Sides Transition Update:

Goals—there is waffling about the goal size. It may end up being a range, not rigid for size. The field size will also likely be a range and will not be what was originally posed.  The $1000 that the district gives to each club is likely to be used for goals and they will try to get us a bulk rate and combined shipping charges.

Spring Protocol regarding Player Ages:

Spring will stay the same as the fall. Kids who were allowed to play will still be allowed to play on same teams in the spring. They are not allowed to continue in the fall.  No more than 3 from an age group were allowed for the spring. 

Discussion about older groups U16/U19:

There were 8 Girls U19 teams in the spring and 4 U19 boys teams in the fall but NO U16s.

Quality of the League play:

Discussion occurred regarding the deterioration of the number of players/teams in our travel program across our district. District posing better development of the “A” division to enhance more competition. Unfortunately several teams have left our district to go to Southwest District for better competition.

Option #1: The District would like to know if we would like to invite other teams from other districts to form an “A” division. We would travel to them and them to us to form this division.

Option #2: They posed that we have a “non-residency” option that “A” level teams do not have to restrict their rosters to only kids from the towns we serve.

Option #3: Better training from district; offering coaches training and player training with reps from CJSA coming to us to help develop better coaches and players.

Discussion occurred about how important it is that our coaches have better training, including licensing.

Presidents Dinner: January 27th—reviewed proxy etc.

Annual General Meeting Saturday January 28, 2017—Crowne Plaza CT; day long event, encourage parents, coaches, and players to attend. Should be fun with door prizes, training etc. See CJSA.com for details.

Referees: District looking for more enrollment for new referees.

Timelines for Spring Season: quick run through of proposed timeline. Dates subject to change (we will update as we are informed).

  • 1/25/17 Team registrations open online—closes March 3rd 2017.
  • 2/28/17 Team Commitments
  • 3/8/17 League Meeting
  • 3/22/17 Coaches Scheduling and League meeting—6:30 pm girls and 7:30 pm boys.
  • 4/1/17 to 6/18/17 Season Timeframe with NO games Easter weekend and Memorial weekend.

Discussion about the upcoming Coaches meeting:

Several members indicated that there is not enough time to work on schedule with other coaches and too much time spent on website and rule changes. The district indicated that they have too many issues with coaches not understanding the rules in the district handbook so that they feel they must review it every time. They have seen a steep uptick in parent issues as well. The district also sees that many coaches come to meeting late and therefore they don’t start meeting on time and they just run out of time for the next group to come in.  They will work on starting on time and make other sections of meeting smaller. 

Coaches must go to this meeting and engage in conversation with the other coaches—they feel this also cuts down on coach vs. coach animosity. 

They pointed out a rule change for spring: A ref is responsible for talking to an out-of-control coach and can dismiss the coach, but the ref cannot dismiss a parent. A ref will tell the coach to control his/her parents, and if not done, then the coach will be punished for not controlling the parent issue.  Punishment was not revealed.  Prior rule did not indicate a punishment was going to be given to the coach.